Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sunday, June 16, 2013

using trig story and work marquise quadratic

black licoln  needs trig to help him defeat the man with no name he defeated him with it

transformation story marquise quadratic

black lincoln must go back to the real world so he uses transformations to get him out of wonderland   and he doesnt want to go back

finding volume and area marquise quadratic

black lincoln m ust find out the volume and area of his house or the queen of hearts will take it and destroy it

angles question marquise quadratic

angles diagram marquise quadratic

algebraic proof marquise quadratic

4 points concurrency story marquise quadratic

black lincoln  messed up his elbow so he need 4 points of concurrency to help him out he goes to the white queen and she helps him  he find the 4 points he finds them and they fixed it

4 points of concurrency marquise quadratic

circle story marquise quadratic

black lincoln  needs a circle base  for his cylinder so  he looks outside and finds he looks outside and finds it in his garden

daisy story marquise quadratic

black lincoln  has found one of the keys he need to get out of wonderland he must give a daisy to the one eyed freak

daisy work marquise quadratic