Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Do CH 1 A Geometric Daisy

1. Describe the steps you took to draw a geometric daisy with a compass. Please use the math vocabulary words listed below. The following words must be used correctly, and highlighted or boldfaced in your description.

field of daisies

2. Upload your daisy and include the the picture in your blog.

3. Extra Credit - Repeat steps 1 and 2 with a field of daisies.

4. Extra Credit - Teach your parent how to a daisy. Upload your parent's classwork into your blog. Write a few sentences about what you and your parents thought about learning how to do a daisy with a compass.

Rigoberto Point

When i came to Oakland the first school I attend was Brookfiled Elementary I went their since 1st grade to 3rd grade I did 1st grade because I dint now English but I know their were a lot of other kids that dint know English but I guess. After Brookfiled I went to Acorn woodland Elementary I graduated from their I started to go to Elmhurst Community Prep middle school I went their my whole year I graduated from their two. I started high school at Oakland Tech i only went their two years  and now I go to Oakland High. well I started to work  wen I was either 9 or 10 years old with my dad I help him on land spacing we started with just one house but over the time we started to get more and more hose and that's how we starting to win more money.

Well I'm not sure what I wanna do when i grow up their inst really anything that interest me right now except one thing but its not like it really catch my attention well that would be Criminal justice I like how they solve crime and the technology they use to solve the mystery.  

My favorite hobbies are well i like to dance, work to earn my money , work out to be in shape, party , go to dance practice

Alonzo Trig

I went to San Lorenzo High and Oakland High
I haven't had a job yet or did any volunteer Work
I want to be a million when I grow up
 I like to meet girls


Juan Elevation

I have attended Westlake Middle School and Oakland High School. I volunteer as an I.W.E. for Oakland High and I have also volunteered for Mccullum Youth Court for a little while, I also volunteer for many events that I am many organization groups that help people when they are unable to help their own. I want to be a Lawyer or a Engineer. My interest are finish high school and going to University of  Southern California. My hobbies are working with music and playing guitar, piano, violin.

Bettsy Math

School: Hoover, a school in Los Vegas, Daniel Webster, Civil Rights Academy, St. Martin de Porres, ICA, St. Academy, Ohigh!

Work: No

What I want to be: A Mortition.

Interests: Football, Basketball,& Making bracelets!

School : I went to Headstart ; Brookfield ; Webster Academy ; Explore Preportory Middle School ; Roosevelt Middle School & Oakland High School . I am a Sophmore .

Work : I have chores .

What I like to do during spare time : I like to hang out with friends & chill .


Education - BayArea Tech & Oakland High
Work&Volunteer - Boys&Girls Club, And Tattoos

What I want to be - Tattoo Artist

Interests - Tattoos, Football, And Shoes


The schools i attend was Piedmont , Laurel , Bret Harte Middle School , Baytech , Oakland High. when i grow up i want to be in the NBA. The hobbies i like to do is hang out with females , play sports , and do what i gotta do.


Quinne Times

I went to head start at a church on 85 and Intentional, i then graduated from there and wen to John Sweat but they got shut down after my 1st grade year. Later on i went to Parker elementary and graduated from their. i attended Explore on 64 and MacArthur but they got shut down so i went to Montera Middle and graduated. then cam to Oakland high. i want to be an lawyer when i grow older. my favorite thing to do if cheer because its fun and i cheered my whole life expect this year.

Laloni Line

Laloni Line
Frankline , Roosevelt , Westlake , & ohigh
when I grow up i wanna be pediatrician , or with special education kids.
My faviort thing to do is singing & my favorite hobbie is football , and basketball

About Darrien

My name is Darrien. I attend Oakland High School. I've worked a summer job at Dimond Park last year. I didn't get paid much but it was a good experience for me.

What I want to be be when I grow up is a graphic designer. A graphic designer is someone who designs things such as Video games , clothes , and shoes. This is my dream job because I personally think that im a good artist and like to draw random things.

One of my hobbies is playing football. I like to play because it is fun and healthy for me. My favorite part about football is tackling people. I continue to play football because it is fun and in the future I may be elgible for Professional Football. Another one of my hobbies and one of my favorites is collecting shoes as in Jordans. I like this hobby because collecting shoes is fun and they are the best looking shoes out. I like collect these shoes because maybe in the future I will be able to sell them twice as they are worth. I also like to wear most of them.

James Fraction

Lakeview Elementary School,Roosevelt Middle School,Oakland High School
I want to be a Doctor
I like eat,run and go to school

An-Nisha Square

i have been to brookfeild elementary school, James Madison, and Oakland high.. i have done volunteer work for my aunties boutique. when i grow up i want to be a cardiovascular surgeon. some things i like to do is play basketball shop and help little kids.

lesly four

 i been at Ceaser Chavez for elementary. Then I went to Roosevelt middle school for 3 years. Now I'm at Oakland High. I been babysitting for 2 years now. I get paid 5 an hour from each parent. When u get older i wanna go something about art. If the Art thing don't work i wanna work doing hair and makeup. Some thing I like doing for fun is rapper and drawing.

Mikianna Square

Mikianna Square

                              I attend Oakland High School and i was a paid intern for united rootz.when stepping into the adult life i would like to be a makeup artist as well as fashion and hair

My favorite things to do is to sing dance and just live life out to the fullest


Jesse addition

Roosevelt Middle School
When i grow up i want to be a Pro BMX rider
My favorite thing to do is be on my phone or on computer

Summer Plane

 I have went to a lot of different schools growing up. I went to Melony Elementary, Hillside Elementary, Hesparian, Edendale Middle School, Street academy, and oakland high school.
I havent worked or volenteered anywhere yet, i do plan to though.
Im not exactly sure what i want to be whe i get older, when i was little i wanted to be an acctress. As i started going to school i wanted to be a model. Right now im debating on what i want to do. I would love to be a fashion designer or a pyscologist.
I like to cook, clean, play with my dog, cuddle with my boyfreind, read about astrology, paint my nails, and rap. I also like to give people compliments, hang out with freinds, go shopping do my freinds makeup, and i love being on facebook.

DeAnna Addition

I have attended Corvallis Elementary , Frick Middle school , Fremont High and Oakland High school . When I grow up I would like to go to cosmetology school to do hair and make up . I've also always wanted to be a lawyer . I like to play softball , I also like writing , reading and singing .

About Idalia Triangle

 About Idalia Triangle



i have attended to Urban Promise Academy middle school, and Arise High school, ihavent worked at a school but ihave outside of school

Shon Acute

  • The schools I have attended are, Lockwood elementary, Frick middle school , and now Oakland high school..
  • I want to be a football player because that is my favorite sport and i am pretty good at it and a collage student because it seems fun.
  • My favorite things to do are to play football, hang out with my family & friends.,also like playing video games.

Alexander finds "Acute" duck

  • Schools I attended was Franklin Elementary School and Roosevelt, and now I am in Oakland High School. I attended EBAYC Intership Program and it was pretty tough, I got paid $200 dollars. 
  • What I want to be when I grow up is own a Art Studio and sell a lot of art work I make.
  • My favorite hobbies is Art, just art. It's my passion, I met a lot of famous ones and a lot of inspiring ones, but I mostly do graffiti, my life depends on art. 

Ro'gel Factors

  • In Junior High School I attended Elmhurst Community Prep. My eighth grade year I attended E.C Reems. My freshman year of high school I attended Oakland Technical High School. My sophomore year I attended L.P.S Castlemont . Now currently in my junior year I am attending this school Oakland High . 
  • When I grow I would like to be an IRS auditor working for the government . I would also like to pursue a career of owning my own business sailing products such as make - up and clothes. 

Deon Formula 23

My name is Deon Fourmula I am 16 and I  went to long-fellow in Elementary West lake and Roosevelt middle School After i went to bran ham in San Jose for year and came back to go to Oakland high school  on my Free Time i like to play games with my Friends and go places like boomers.OR PLACES WITH FAMILY

Jimmy Formula

My name is Jimmy Formula I am 17 years of age I've went too M.L.K 1st thru 5th grade , went too West Oakland Middle School for my 3 years of middle school , I have worked at Y.E.P for 3 years every since I was 14 I have not did nay free work I wanna get paid for the hard work I do , I wanna be aye person that changes some 1 life changes the world that's my goal my favorite thing (s) to do is chill with my wife , friends , play my ps3,  madden 13 , 2k NBA , MLB , RAP , play my Guitar all those type's
 of things yee digg

Maria Multiplication

 The schools I've attended are Garfield Elementary, Roosevelt Middle School, and Oakland High

What I want to be when I grow up is to be a game designer or a manga artist, I'm really interested in making my own games or making some comics of the anime characters I come up with.  Either of these will be fine with me.

What I am really into is video games, drawing anime, and writing poems.  I mostly intend to play video games because its fun.  When I draw I like to come up with my own kind of thing or when I see a cool anime picture then I'll start to draw.  When I write poems they aren't really happy poems because I'm really bad at it....anyways all of this makes me happy so yeah. :D

*O* my fave game~ ( I just like cloud >:D )

marquise quadratic

schools attended
  • burbank elementary
  • burckhalter elementary
  • frick middle school
  • sanlorenzo high
  • pittsburg high
  • oakland high

what i want to be
  • rapper
  • engineer
  • football player 
  • football
  • basketball
  • poetry
  • drawing 

Betel Division

        school i have attended are westlak middle school and Oakland high school.
i have volunteered in lake clean ups, hospital assistants and i have worked at baby sitters i also worked at studio art center. when i grow up i want to become a writer or an artist. i want to write books that would inspire people and change there lives. my hobbies and interest are, eating, dancing sleeping, playing soccer, cooking and reading, and i love to shop.I also love to laugh at everything and yell out random stuff. :3


Christine Acute T.

I have attend I.C.S, Roosevelt and now Oakland High for almost two years now. I had to do campus clean up for my community severs hours for an hour. I had never had a job but I am going to next year or this year hopefully. When I grow up I wanna be a kindergartener teacher because I like working with kids.My favorite hobbies are to eat, sleep, take pictures and hanging out with my boyfriend.

I like dinosaurs.

My favorite ice cream

Madai Pi


Name: Madai Pi

Education: Grandport Elementary, Lane Middle School, Aliance Academy, and Oakland High School.

Job: I have an internship for tutoring kids at Garfield Elementary School.

What I want to be: I want to be a nurse. If not be a Doctor!

Hobbies: I like to go shopping <3   I like to play soccer but don't play it anymore. I like money!  


Andy Plus

I have attended Franklin Preschool, then went to Bella Vista Elementary, Edna Brewer Middle School, and I am currently at Oakland High School. I have never had any jobs before. I don't know what i want to be when i grow up yet, and i like to sleep.

Jessica Terms

Background :
schools I attended was
  • Allendale Elementary School
  • Roosevelt Middle School 
  • Oakland Senior High 
What i want to be when i grow up :
  • a pediatrician or either any kind of medical job as a nurse or doctor
 Interest :
  • I like to dance, I dance when im bored or when I want to feel active. 
  • I also like to sing, i'll sing my heart out especially when I'm at home
  • I'm a down to do anything person, I looooooove shopping and hanging out with friends 
  • I looove to help take care of babies and puppies because their so cute! 


Bryanna Obtuse

For Elementary school, I attended Lockwood and Garfield. I went to Roosevelt for middle school. Last year I was a freshmen at Media Academy of Fremont High. Now I am a sophomore at O-high.
 I never had a job before or volunteered anywhere.

I want to be an actress or a shoe designer.

I like to eat, sleep, and go shopping.

2 Chaaaaaaaaainzzzzzzz

Brittany Plus

Over the past few years the school I have attended Franklin Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School, Street Academy, and Oakland High School. I have volunteer in lake clean ups and the Fruitvale senior center. What I want to be when I grow up a nurse assistant and work in a clinic or a hospital for example Children Hospital. My interest and hobbies are dancing, cooking, eating, playing video games, and watching movies.


Jamar Angle

I went too Emerson Elementary school for first grade . After that I transfered to Garfield elementary school & stayed there till i graduated from the 5th Grade . Shortly after i begged my mom to let me go to Edna Brewer Middle School even though it was further than the school i was supposed too originally go too Roosevelt Middle School . I Didn't like Edna Brewer at all and after the first week i went too Roosevelt . Roosevelt was a nice school , i was a conflict manager for all three years and that was a  great learning experience . I would recommend any 6th-8th grader too try too apply it was really fun , after i graduated from Roosevelt I came too Oakland High School and now im a Junior here .

I want too be a Entrepreneur when a grow-up a multi billion dollar mogul , and buyout a few PF Changs , while also traveling the world , opening sports bars .

My favorite hobbies : Rapping , Chilling , Vibeing with family , Makeing music videos .

And Thats all about me ..



Butterfly Plane!

Background : the schools I've attended so far are Garfield elementary , Franklin elementary  , La Escuelita elementary , Roosevelt middle & Oakland high ..... 

What i wanna be when i grow up : When i grow up i wanna be a Cosmetologist , i wanna do hair , makeup & work with skin ....

Interests : well my interests are to do makeup , go shopping , spend time with my love one & just live life
Thi is my first year of Oakland High School, i went to 2 different school. I went to West Lake, Alameda High School.

Jazmin Acute

                                     About Jazmin Acute

I went to two elementary schools. from per-school to first i went to Sobrantec park and from second to fith i went to Markem elementary. when i graduate college i want to be a culinary chef. the hobbies that i have is to draw.

Johnson Multiply


Background/Education - I attended Sequoia elementary school for first & second grade then I switched to Bella Vista and thats where I graduated from then I went onto Edna Brewer Middle School and now Oakland Highschool.

What I want to be - I want to be a marine or become a police officer.

What I'm interested in -

Mariana Ray

- Complejo Educativo Católico San Francisco (El Salvador)
- Sobrante Park Elementary School.
- Martin Luther King Jr.
- Franklin Elementary School
- Roosevelt Middle School
- Oakland High School

When I grow up I want to help people, so I'm interested in either being a pediatrician. Or I want to be involved in criminology. Both of them are my dream job.

I'm personally interested in dancing, i love dancing I think it's great. When you dance you just forget about everything and focus on following the sound of the music. I also like reading mystery novels, I love anything that has suspense, mystery, and horror in it.

Luis Segment

- Franklin Elementary school
-West lake middle school
-King middle school
-Berkeley high school
-Oakland Unity high school
-Oakland high school


kevin equal

Background:Franklin, bella vista, Edna brewer, OHS

Jason Supplmentary

Background: I went to Garfield Elementary school, middle school went to Roosevelt Middle school. I never went to any paid or volunteer things

What I want to be: I dont really know what to be when i grow up but i would like to be a business person

Interests: My favorite things to do are playing basketball and making my sneakers look fresh as f*  I like to sleep most of the time, it feels amazing

Vannida Angle

I went to 3 different elementary schools. I went to Treasure Island, Lockwood Elementary School, Franklin Elementary School, Edna Brewer Middle School, and currently attending Oakland High School. In my freshman year I volunteered as an intern at AYPAL. 

When I get older I'm still not to sure what I want to be yet. I am still looking at options and see what I am good at doing.

What I enjoying doing is hanging out with family and friends. I also enjoy dancing since I was in the 3rd grade. I never went a year without dancing since then.


Background: ICS, UPA, FHS, OHS

What I want to be: Don't know yet

Interests: Basketball, Baseball, hang out, chill

Noely Acute

                                                              About Noely Acute

  For all my elementary school years i went to Manzanita Community school. For middle school i went to United For Success Academy and know i come Oakland high. i volunteer at church and i babysit. when i grow up i want to be a

Detrique Powers

About Detrique Powers

Background/Education- Attended Glenview Elementary, Edna Brewer Middle School, and now participating Oakland High School.
What I want to be- I want to join the military or the navy as a field medic/corman
What I am interested in- I am interested in baseball, video games, music, ukulele, Martial arts, and drawing

Mykel iNvErTeD

My name is mykel and i have various interests in life.

i have attended school in Virginia for a very long time. i have yet to have a first job..
i want to be a game-play commentator when i grow up..on my spare time i read comics, watch anime, skateboard, play tons of video games, write short stories, and draw.


This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and with held permissions twist all our arms collectively, but if sweetness can win, and it can. Then I'll still be here today to high five you yesterday...

jade acute

the schools i have been to are skyline oakland high and breth harte.
what i want to be when i get older is either a model or a photographer because i like everything about fashion.
what i like to do for hobbies is sleep

Mariah Ray

The schools that i have attended are laurel elementary , American Indian Public Charter School (middle school) , Edna brewer middle school , and Oakland high school. I had a job during the summer working at united roots through youth uprising and in middle school i would help out the autism children during lunch.My hobbies are watching TV , playing video games , walking my dog , and going on face book.