Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jamar Angle

I went too Emerson Elementary school for first grade . After that I transfered to Garfield elementary school & stayed there till i graduated from the 5th Grade . Shortly after i begged my mom to let me go to Edna Brewer Middle School even though it was further than the school i was supposed too originally go too Roosevelt Middle School . I Didn't like Edna Brewer at all and after the first week i went too Roosevelt . Roosevelt was a nice school , i was a conflict manager for all three years and that was a  great learning experience . I would recommend any 6th-8th grader too try too apply it was really fun , after i graduated from Roosevelt I came too Oakland High School and now im a Junior here .

I want too be a Entrepreneur when a grow-up a multi billion dollar mogul , and buyout a few PF Changs , while also traveling the world , opening sports bars .

My favorite hobbies : Rapping , Chilling , Vibeing with family , Makeing music videos .

And Thats all about me ..



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