Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rigoberto Point

When i came to Oakland the first school I attend was Brookfiled Elementary I went their since 1st grade to 3rd grade I did 1st grade because I dint now English but I know their were a lot of other kids that dint know English but I guess. After Brookfiled I went to Acorn woodland Elementary I graduated from their I started to go to Elmhurst Community Prep middle school I went their my whole year I graduated from their two. I started high school at Oakland Tech i only went their two years  and now I go to Oakland High. well I started to work  wen I was either 9 or 10 years old with my dad I help him on land spacing we started with just one house but over the time we started to get more and more hose and that's how we starting to win more money.

Well I'm not sure what I wanna do when i grow up their inst really anything that interest me right now except one thing but its not like it really catch my attention well that would be Criminal justice I like how they solve crime and the technology they use to solve the mystery.  

My favorite hobbies are well i like to dance, work to earn my money , work out to be in shape, party , go to dance practice

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