Thursday, June 6, 2013

Angles Story

One time in wonderland, the land of keys were missing valuable things. A key chain, key cover, a lock, and a treasure chest. But luckily the key of math found them. Everyone asked how he found them. " I used the map " he replied. " it's math. " Many of them confused, so the key decided to teach them. " well, colinear means objects or points on the same line." he informed them. " In the map point R, T, P are colinear and R, S, Q, are noncolinear. " They scratched their heads, still confused. " I also had to find how X is related to segment RP, I found out that RT= 14 and TP= 14, and the distance between RP is 28." The key of wonder came and looked at the map a" And qhat are these angles ? "
" Well m<PTQ = 110(degrees) so its obtuse , m<RTU = 90 (degrees) so its an right angle and m<RTP = 180 (degrees) so its an straight angle. " stated the key of math. The last thing the key said " I also looked for linear pair of angles which are <RTS and <PTQ. Supplementary angles are <RTS and <STP. Complementary angles are <RTS and <STU. Adjacent angles are <RTS and <STQ. Lastly, vertical angles are <VTP and <UTR." The key of reality was amazed and he know that he needed him for his next adventure.

Remaz Circle

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