Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About me

My name is Leo. I was born and raised in the country of China. My mom won a lottery Green-card (permanent residence in USA) and she decided to move to America. Although its been five years since we moved to america but English is not my first language, so I am afraid that I wouldn't do well at school. My mom kept saying to me that I'll do well and that she believes in me. And here I'm at the Oakland High today. Now I enjoy reading interesting books, watching action movies, hanging out with my friends. I like to do Exercises, to play tennis and go to the gym. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to hanging out with my friends now, because I sacrificed my free time to learn. But it worth it in order to be proud of myself in the future and achieve my goal, which is to get an High School Degree.Oakland High seems to be a good high school, where one can get the good education and the necessary skills for the furture.Teacher are very educated, friendly and hard working people, to teach us in order to become educated students. I like this high school. I hope after one year I will get my degree, find a community colege and transfer to a four-year University as a Designer in the Fashions. I'm trying to do well to study and to make good grades, because education is important. At this moment my goal is to graduate from high school and I hope I will get the best knowledge's and the necessary skills that will shape me in my life.

Leo Triangle

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