Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fwd: Introduction Remaz Square

In the town of keys, a small place in Wonderland. We all have different wacky jobs. Theres a place where i live full of keys. Theres many keys. The key of sleeping, the key of love, the key of intelligence,and many more. I am the key for reality. Some say I kill dreams, but sometimes people have to wake up to whats real. Especially in Wonderland. Many creatures have big wishes, some odd and unusual. Some try to pursue it and go wonder off in Wonderland to look for their dream. That's where I come in. Most times I like my lob, but sometimes I get blamed for crushing people's spirit. But its nice to see them after, returning to their duties, and some leave Wonderland. I am not well liked, I realized that when the key of Imagination got into a fight and turned the whole town against me. Some tired to even take me out of the town! They don't seem to realize its just a job. I am the truth, and some people can't handle the truth. In the land where we encourage foolishness, to me Wonderland is just a beautiful lie

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