Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jennifer in Wonderland

Jennifer has become too big because she ate the growing cake thingy all in one bite. Now she has to look for the four ingredients that can create an antidote to counter the curse. The four ingredients are a red birds leg, a mountain monkeys fur, a water coconut, and a tall tale fish. The four objects can be found at points RMWT around Jennifer's house, Jennifer's house is on point X, which is on line PB. She is going to be accompanied by Dr. Pooper, the genius of Dumbville... which is filled with not so bright people.

While looking at the map of which the for objects can be located on, Dr. Pooper noticed that three points, Points R, X, and T, are collinear. He asked Jennifer what does collinear mean and she replied, "It's when the points are on the same line." Then he noticed another three points, Points M, W, and B, are non-collinear. Again, he curiously asks what does that mean and Jennifer replies, "It's when the points are not on the same line.

The objects red bird leg and the tall tale fish is both collinear to X, with X being the mid-point of Line RT, now Jennifer has to find the relation between  X and the segment RT. She is given, RX=10X-6 and XT=3X+8, what is the distance between X and segment R and T? To find the distance Jennifer put the two segments like this: 10X-6=3X+8. Then she used the additive property of equality and got 10X=3X+14 then used subtraction property of equality and got 7X=14, then she simplified it and got X=2. Afterwords, she plugged it back into the equation and got 10(2)-6=3(2)+8, next she did the equation like a normal math problem and got 14=14. The distance between segment R and segment T is 14.

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