Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Re: Introduction story

Geometric daisy story

Robby and cheshire cat used the geometric daisy to decorate their
house in wonderland. They painted them all over the walls in different
sizes and colors.

Ma'lisa trapezoid

On 6/12/13, malisa walker <> wrote:
> 7 euclidean constructions story
> Robby ad cheshire cat use the 7 euclidean constructions to help them
> construct their rocket. They constructed a cone out of congruent
> angles. They constructed congruent segments for the sides. They used
> angle bisectors and parallel lines to alig the cone onto the body of
> the rocket.
> Ma'lisa trapezoid
> On 6/12/13, malisa walker <> wrote:
>> About me
>> My name is Ma'lisa and my math word is trapezoid. I like to read and
>> write and i want to be a lawyer when i grow up. The name of my
>> character is Robby the cat. I chose this character because i really
>> love the cheshire cat so i wanted him to have a bestfriend.
>> Ma'lisa trapezoid
>> On 6/10/13, malisa walker <> wrote:
>>> Roby the cat, the cheshire cats twin used the rocket to take alice to
>>> the whit queen. They also used it to take mad hatter and the mouse
>>> after they escaped the queen with the big head. Roby also helped the
>>> cheshire cat, Mad hatter and the mouse trick the queen with the big
>>> head when she was about to execute them by making himself appear to
>>> be mad hatter while chesire cat appeared to be the mouse .
>>> Ma'lisa trapezoid

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