Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Euclidean Constructions Story

     Jordan and J'Lan started on their journey through Wonderland together. Every night Jordan and J'Lan would find a nice tree to sleep in, then they came across this bridge to enter into the city Candy Land. When they tried to cross over, out jumps this troll. At first sight the troll looked evil, rude, mean, and like no fun. The trolls name was Anika. Anika made them do 7 euclidean constructions so they could cross over. J'Lan and Jordan werent very good at math, but they always tried to help each other and tried to get through their challenges. They didn't know how to solve any of them, so J'Lan and Jordan had to stay there all night. Finally the next day they were able to solve all of them and cross the bridge. 

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