Friday, June 7, 2013

Introduction Story

Once upon a time, there was a friendly skeleton named Bob. Bob lived in a town called Shiny Smiles. A town that gave friendly smiles. Bob is a daily doctor in a city called Wonderland. After every meal, he makes sure to keep his teeth shiny white. He was born in a city called White Bones and moved to the town called Shiny Smiles. Bob's house was a white building made of bones. One day, he went to take a poop and all of a sudden, the toilet pulled him into a dimensional world. He was in a coma, but was really asleep for five minutes. Bob woke up and there was a frog on his face. He yelled and the frog grew into a giant. The frog got scared and then Bob smiled to show he was friendly. In this world, his "friendly smile" did not work and the frog went crazy.

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